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best foot massage in las vegas, Foot massage can clear the meridians and make you feel good

Although there are many benefits of foot massage, it is best not to touch these 4 taboos

Although there are many benefits of foot massage, it is best not to touch these 4 taboos.

The benefits of foot massage

1. Foot massage can promote blood circulation: There are many acupoints on the sole of the feet. After massaging the acupoints, the blood circulation in the body will be accelerated, and the temperature of the feet will become warmer with the massage. People with cold hands and feet in winter can do more foot massage.

2. Speed up metabolism. Foot massage promotes the increase of adrenaline in the human body, thereby speeding up people's metabolism, and the qi and blood of women will become rosy.

3. Improve sleep quality. Massage can relieve physical fatigue and relieve tension. In a relaxed environment, people's mood will become happy, and the quality of sleep will also improve.

4. Long-term proper massage is beneficial to the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease.

But foot massage is only an auxiliary effect. This is not a "cure for all diseases", it can only improve. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to believe that diseases can be cured by foot massage treatment.

These seven groups of people are not suitable for foot massage

Foot massage is not suitable for everyone. The following seven categories of people are not suitable for foot massage: patients with acute diseases; patients with blood diseases; people with extreme physical weakness; patients during menstruation and pregnancy; patients with severe heart disease; skin diseases , patients with infectious diseases; patients with osteoporosis.

Precautions for foot massage

1. The more painful the foot massage, the better. Too much force will cause subcutaneous injury. The best intensity is between no pain and pain, and the intensity of a little pain is just right.

2. The time of foot massage is not as long as possible. It is recommended to be longer than 15 minutes each time, but the longest should not exceed one hour.

3. Yongquan, Taibai, and Taichong are the three acupoints that are often massaged, but if you can't find the right acupoint, it doesn't matter. Putting on socks and stepping on the uneven acupressure board can also play a role in massage.

4. Do massage an hour after meals. After massage in summer, do not blow your feet against the fan immediately after pressing.

These methods can also be used for foot massage

1. Foot massage pad, when there is no time to go to the massage shop, and no one at home can help massage the feet, the foot massage pad comes in handy, it can be placed in the living room, bedroom, balcony, bathroom, gym and other places, while enjoying Life, while massage, is not only easy to use, but also not limited by venue, climate and time.

2. The sole of the foot has a lot of uneven points on the front and back. By tapping the sole of the foot, it also plays the role of massage, and the intensity can be adjusted according to needs.

3. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes to walk on the cobblestone road in the park for more than 30 minutes, not only massage the soles of the feet but also achieve the effect of losing weight.

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